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Summer Classes Premed Reddit

They advised not to do pre-med courses during the summer. It's a shorter time frame but it's also less content and less in depth. 3 Continue this thread level 1 ThatGus · 7 yr. ago As long as if you have a legitimate reason for doing so, it's fine. Just make sure you focus deeply on the courses as summer classes goes by fast.

4 level 1 punklee I heard that med schools don’t like summer classes due to it reflecting time management skills but i’ve heard different things. That is just pre med fear mongering. It doesn’t matter. The decision for your med school acceptance isn’t going to come down to if you took summer courses or not. I know 100% for the DO app they do see all your. Hi new to the thread, but what are people’s take on taking 2 science + lab courses during the same summer semester? I know summer courses are. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Search within r/premed. r/premed. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. Found the internet! 1. Summer classes. Question. Close. 1. If the classes are premed reqs I’d check with your premed dept/committee. For example, I took summer courses during my post bacc, and there were 2 gen chem summer classes, but only one was appropriate/‘rigorous’ enough for premed students. If the classes aren’t the premed reqs (maybe even stats, calc and English), I think that should be fine? They probably won't care if any of your non-prereq classes are taken during the summer. It just looks odd if alot of your pre-req classes are taken during the summer as its normally a condensed class that's taken in isolation. It can "raise questions" to admissions as to why are you are not taking your pre-reqs during a normal semester load? Summer Classes GPA. I'm taking a couple of summer classes (Calc 2 and Physics 2 specifically) at local commuter schools in my area. When I go back to University, they will appear as a T (transfer) on my transcript without a letter grade. Will Med schools still look at the letter grades I got and will the grades I took outside of uni it affect. I’d highly recommend that route from a financial aspect. You can focus your last two years on upper level courses, getting clinical hours, volunteering, etc. you can also continue to take 1-2 classes per summer so you have lighter loads during the actual semester, which would be advantageous if you plan on taking the mcat during school. It went decent, even pulled a 4.0 in the spring with physics, chem 2, and bio 2 that I’m insanely proud of, but now I’m doing summer classes to finish orgo’s genetics, and cell bio. This means I have classes the first half of the week and work the second half. I haven’t had a day off since May 3rd and doing orgo 2 and cell bio is killing me. Well, having one or two courses in the summer is fine or even a whole sequence. However, that also implies that you have the ability to do it during a compressed, intense time frame. The issue with that is you have no time to catch up, understand it,.


Summer Classes Premed Reddit

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